However different the landscape, it always looks better with relationships

Posted 1 February 2021 by alt.admin
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Mike Hamling, Key Account Manager


When I joined MacroArt  4 years ago, like us all, I had no idea of the unique Covid-related challenges that lay ahead, but held a strong belief that the MacroArt team shared my values on client support, collaboration and delivery of excellence, so I felt immediately at home.

Scrolling forward to 2020, the entire commercial world had changed beyond recognition, and our industry was no exception. What would the future look like? Would clients feel nervous? Would they draw their horns in and ‘ride out the storm’? Would they scale back their plans? Project cancellations? All these possibilities seemed understandable and entirely possible.

So, I braced myself for bad news and a tough year but continued to pour all my efforts into providing the very best of customer service to all my clients, as I always had, supported by the industry leading offering of MacroArt.

Despite the industry-wide downturn, which was to be expected, I was fortunate enough to find that a significant number of the clients I had developed a strong working relationship with over my years in account management, continued to request the support of me and the MacroArt team.

Each call I made to clients was different, but the sentiment was the same – partnership, relationships and collaboration had reassured them that the job would get done, regardless of the challenges that 2020 had posed.

So, why this determination to proceed in the face of such a challenging marketplace? Why such loyalty from my clients? And why such determination to press ahead with projects in unprecedented times?

The answer lies in trust.

Before the world changed, I had worked tirelessly, to win my clients’ trust and provide first class customer service, and that had never changed. And now with the unwavering support of the team here at MacroArt, and the peerless quality and range of our products, nothing in that offering had been affected by the pandemic, so why should the project plan alter?

So, I have a new plan; change nothing. Trust, strong business relationships, teamwork, passion for excellence and wholehearted customer support are the best vaccines!





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