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Posted 15 April 2024 by Anysia Henderson
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In our latest blog, Michael Green and Jason Popp discuss the background to MacroArt joining Moss and how, with the rebrand complete, these are exciting times for the whole group.


Q: Jason, could you share when you first became aware of MacroArt and why it was targeted for acquisition?

“I first became aware of the company during my tenure at GES. MacroArt stood out as a supplier for us and was known for its exceptional work. When I moved to Moss and started thinking about international expansion, the business was naturally on the list.

“Reacquainting with MacroArt through a sustainability contact, it became clear that we shared many commonalities – from our print platforms and commitment to quality, to our desire to drive sustainable practices. It felt like a match made in heaven!”


Q: Michael, what were your initial impressions of Moss, and what did you learn from your visits to Chicago?

“I had been aware of Moss since 2014 and knew that they were a business that shared many of the values we did. On walking into their HQ in Chicago, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop! Witnessing first hand all the cool and innovative things Moss is involved in was hugely exciting and I felt an immediate connection and a desire to be part of this environment.

“Their success was not just in what they did, but how they did it and Moss’s culture, which is collaborative and supportive, really resonated with me. The resemblance to our approach in the UK was uncanny, and it felt like exactly the right place for MacroArt to align.”


Q: Jason, could you shed some light on what has driven Moss’s success over the years and what made the acquisition a success?

“We’ve been a longstanding name in the industry in the US, synonymous with high-quality fabric signs and innovative branding solutions. Our history and pedigree are therefore a significant part of our identity and mean a lot to the sustainable branding solutions we build for our customers.

“MacroArt’s alignment in terms of culture, values, and processes was a crucial factor and the attractive performance of the business made it the perfect addition to the Moss Group as we looked to expand into the UK.”


Q: Michael, since the acquisition in November and becoming part of Moss, what has changed?

“It’s been a mix of everything and nothing! While the core of what we do remains unchanged, we’re making improvements in areas like data and systems management using the experience of the wider group.

“Joining forces with Moss has presented an opportunity to be part of a more globally recognised brand – really exemplifying a ‘stronger together’ ethos. There’s a focus on knowledge sharing, especially around materials. We all now have the ability to learn from our other global businesses and this would never have happened unless we were part of a bigger group.”


Q: Jason, what have you learned from the integration process and the UK team?

“The integration has been a great learning experience. Shared learning and problem-solving is incredibly powerful. We’ve had teams visiting each other’s facilities, rapidly accelerating our understanding and collaboration. These interactions are already generating value-creating opportunities for our customers.”

“It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm and interaction across all of our teams. That’s what we’re striving for, to combine all of our expertise and share our visions to open doors to positive change.”


Q: Michael, sustainability has been central to MacroArt, how will this continue as Moss?

“This will continue to be a huge focus for us, and we invest a lot of time and energy in R&D in this area. Because we make things, we’re uniquely positioned to move the needle on sustainability and have an obligation to do so. Sustainability itself is a big issue, and so to make a difference we are focused on minimising waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

“We were one of the early adopters of carbon tracking, and we are using that data to accurately reflect our emissions across many aspects of the business. All activities are measured and scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are tracked on the basis of ‘what gets measured gets managed’. In the UK we’re a zero-to-landfill company and this is important for our customers and our business.”


Q: Jason, how important is sustainability across the Moss Group?

“Sustainability is a must-do for Moss and we take a global strategic approach, driven by the data, looking at how we can minimise waste and our carbon footprint, and bring more sustainable options to market.

“For example, in Germany we have worked closely with our supply chain to identify an exclusive Moss fabric made from 100 percent recyclable materials, including a portion of reclaimed ocean plastic.

“Additionally, in the US we collect all of our manufacturing scrap fabrics, which then get used as the soft interior for punching bags. This saves an enormous amount of waste from going to landfills or being incinerated.”


Q: Michael, will the UK team see any cultural changes in the move to Moss?

“I’m very proud of the culture we’ve fostered as MacroArt – we’re open and honest, we offer people opportunities, and we provide as much as we can to help those people succeed in whatever goal they’re trying to achieve within the business. Knowing that Moss also holds these values already means we are working within a shared culture across the wider business.

“Transparent communication is vital in any fast-moving business. We’re always looking at our culture and will continue to be open to ideas from staff about what we could improve and how we can implement those improvements.”


Q: Jason, do you anticipate any impact to the company culture and employee engagement across Moss’s global network?

“Our employee culture is a critically important part of who we are and, honestly, it’s one of the things I’m most proud of at Moss.

“One of the biggest benefits is the opportunity for our team to collaborate with a diverse group of like-minded professionals from different countries. It has opened new avenues for sharing ideas, brainstorming, and leveraging the expertise of a larger network. The support boosts confidence of our team and empowers them to carve out opportunities and projects for themselves.”


Q: Michael, how does being part of Moss enable the business to continue attracting new talent?

“Attracting young people is crucial for our industry’s future and we invest a significant amount of time and energy in this area. As Moss, we’ll be continuing our apprenticeship programs and active participation in career fairs to raise awareness about our business and sector. We offer attractive opportunities and career growth, which is appealing to the younger generation, and as we are now a global brand and business this should only increase.”


Q: Jason, what does the acquisition and move to the Moss name in the UK mean for the global business?

“The acquisition of MacroArt and it’s rebrand as Moss signifies a new chapter for our group, reflecting our commitment to invest and grow. We’re not just merging names; we’re combining our strengths, expertise, and visions to offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients.

“The synergies in everything from our people, culture, equipment and processes have made this transition seamless and we are now all poised for greater innovations and expansion under the Moss brand.

“We are place makers, and we want people to feel that excitement and experience wherever they are in the world.”


Q: And finally, Michael, what can UK customers and suppliers expect from the rebrand to Moss?

“From a UK perspective, we couldn’t be more excited about our future. We have the chance to expand our product offerings, and we have more resources than ever to invest in the business. We can pass that on to our customers, who will reap huge benefits.

“We’ll soon be introducing rental items as part of our expanded offering, which will help with sustainability in the events and exhibition sectors. On top of that, we’ll also be expanding our range of sustainable fabrics and substrates, as well as the use of lighting products to distinguish places.

“As MacroArt, we did an amazing job of constantly expanding our presence and client portfolio. Now, as part of Moss, we’re ready to take the next step in that journey.”


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