Moss launches SustainaTex Ocean fabric into the UK

Posted 3 July 2024 by Anysia Henderson
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We have launched a new sustainable fabric for the UK graphics, events and retail display markets. SustainaTex Ocean is made from SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC and recycled polyester and adds to the groups extensive range of global sustainable options. The new 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled content SustainaTex Ocean fabric is exclusive to Moss and perfectly suited for dye sublimation print, making it ideal for silicone edged graphic (SEG) applications.

Moss’s SustainaTex Ocean fabric for sustainable graphics, made with SEAQUAL® YARN


Minimising Environmental Impact with Recycled Content

The fabric is made from 62 percent SEAQUAL® YARN, a traceable material produced from upcycled marine plastic retrieved from oceans, beaches, rivers, and estuaries by the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, with the remainder supplied from recycled polyester.

Customer’s choosing SustainaTex Ocean can have some of the most sustainable graphics available on the market, with the material, dye sublimation inks, PVC free fittings and sustainable packaging minimising its environmental impact. In addition, once the event has finished or retail graphics been used, they can be sent back to us for re-processing, ensuring a responsible end-of-life for the product.

SustainaTex Ocean is made with SEAQUAL® YARN produced from upcycled marine plastic retrieved from oceans, beaches, rivers, and estuaries by the SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE


Our Commitment to Cleaner Oceans and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Initially launched in the US, the introduction of the SustainaTex Ocean into the UK further boosts our global sustainable practices in the industry, minimising waste and reducing the business’s – and clients’ – carbon footprint.

“The introduction of SustainaTex Ocean in the UK underlines our unwavering dedication to sustainability,” said Moss UK Managing Director Michael Green. “This fabric provides our clients with another high-quality, environmentally friendly option for their graphics and displays. We are place makers, and that means we also want to make our oceans a better place too. This partnership is the perfect way to help keep our oceans clean and minimise our clients’ environmental impact.”

We already have several environmentally friendly solutions for customers to take advantage of. Our newly launched rental banner scheme, zero-to-landfill waste approach, and a host of materials made from recycled plastics and bottles have all been welcomed by clients.

More information about SustainaTex Ocean and our sustainability in action can be found on our website here.


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