‘The Lake Dredge’ Hoarding at Blenheim Palace



In April 2022, Blenheim Palace began their first dredge of the Queen Pool in over 100 years, as it became seriously silted, which is threatening its delicate ecosystem. Enough silt was removed over nine months, to fill Wembley Stadium to the top!

Due to this, a surrounding footpath is closed, and Blenheim Palace wanted to explain what was going on to visitors, once they reached the large fenced off enclosure.

We enlisted the support JD Hoardings who bought a 26-tonne lorry down the narrow track leading to the compound and craned huge concrete blocks into place to support the hoarding.

The uneven ground meant that the hoarding undulated up and down, so our team carefully measured the drops between each panel and amended the artwork to suit, ensuring the final artwork flowed across the entire length of the hoarding.

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