Manufactory Project Makeover



We completed a building makeover for the agency DNCO, whilst working alongside General Projects who maintain the building, on their project entitled ‘The Manufactory’!

From site survey to colour testing for the perfect red…all printed and installed within a week using our qualified team of installers and abseilers, the Heals Building in London was transformed.


As a result of normal ladders and scaffolding not allowing the team to reach the back of the glazing to install the coloured red vinyl, they had to use a team of abseilers to install part of the vinyl above the canopy on Torrington Place. A site survey of the roof was completed to see if any anchor points were present, which could be used to abseil down the side of the building. Thankfully there was, which meant the red vinyl could be installed behind the light box canopy.

Our diligent attention to colour management ensures depth of colour, vibrancy, and consistency of our graphic production; providing our clients with the best possible solution across a variety of print media. In regards to the ‘Manufactory Project’, we completed samples to ensure the client was happy with the striking colours present, ensuring that all parties were happy with the end result.

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