Blenheim Palace Flagstaff Compound Restoration



At the magnificent Blenheim Palace, the roof of the stunning Orangery is being restored and a large compound has been built adjacent to the entrance to the World Heritage Site, outside of the famous Flagstaff gate, to house the contractors undertaking this vital work.

To minimise the impact on the visitor experience during this conservation, especially since this is the first point of contact that visitors have with the palace, Blenheim’s Head of Marketing, Samantha Vaughan asked us to collaborate with Creative Gravy to provide a temporary solution to mask the compound.

The result, a 50m x 3m high hoarding meticulously printed on UK manufactured ACM with an 80% recycled core. The colour was carefully colour matched to seamlessly blend with the stone construction of the famous Flagstaff Gate with bespoke enhancements including faux pillars constructed from timber, folded corners and edgings and colour coded screws to match the print in order to deliver the perfect finish.

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