Aire Park Hoarding Project



We are delighted to have worked alongside Vastint UK to bring their vision to life at Aire Park in Leeds. Despite the complexity of the project, a striking hoarding was delivered that sets the stage for what’s to come.

One of the pivotal elements of this project was the installation of a modular hoarding system, a crucial first impression for any development. The complexity lay not just in its structural design but in ensuring that it seamlessly incorporated branding elements despite using low metal slats clamped between uneven surfaces.

Our team of dedicated installers tackled these challenges head-on. They meticulously levelled out the uneven surfaces, creating a stable foundation for the application of graphics. The choice of materials was equally critical and ACM proved to be the perfect choice, offering both flexibility and durability in adapting to the project’s needs.

The result? A striking hoarding that not only met but exceeded expectations. It’s sleek, visually appealing design not only serves as an effective barrier but also doubles as a captivating showcase for what lies ahead in Aire Park.

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