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Posted 1 July 2021 by Anysia Henderson
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Izzy McCormack, Seamstress

When I started at MacroArt, back in 2018, I had so much to learn in a short time. But it was fun from day one and the time has just flown by. I’m constantly learning and love being here, with no two days being the same. With different things to get involved in every day, and great colleagues, it doesn’t feel like work.

My job as a sewing machinist in the stitching department is a small but important piece in the process of delivering a high-quality finish to the products that my teammates have worked so hard to create, and I always try to make sure my part of the job delivers the same level of quality.

At home, I love to bake, and enjoy the process of combining all the ingredients to make a cake (and experimenting too!) There’s something very rewarding in opening the oven door and finding another tasty treat. And of course, my teammates are always prepared to ‘road test’ the results! Currently, lemon drizzle cake, brownies and red velvet cake are hot favourites, but I try make sure no one goes hungry, changing the ‘menu’ as often as I can.

As with baking, some of the ‘ingredients’ here at MacroArt are trickier to work with than others, with Tupperware thieves and brownie hoarders being amongst the most common troublesome types!

Perhaps this is why I feel so at home here at MacroArt; like baking, our work is all about combining so many different processes, materials and skills, to achieve a tasty result. And when you understand the recipe behind the process – and you have the skill and experience needed to make the most of them – you can create something really special.

I feel very much at home here at MacroArt. Like me with my baking, the team at MacroArt are experts at the ingredients of their craft.


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