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At Moss, we believe every space has the potential to inspire and transform. Our recent partnership with Stonewest Ltd and Surbiton High School is a testament to this belief. This case study highlights how we turned a building renovation into a vibrant canvas for creativity, producing and installing a stunning banner that not only beautifies the area but also serves as a beacon of community spirit.

Client Objectives and Solution

Stonewest Ltd and Surbiton High School approached us with the following objectives:

  • Enhance the visual appeal of the school during renovation
  • Create an engaging and inspiring environment for students, parents and the public
  • Use the banner as a medium to foster a sense of community and positivity


To meet these objectives, we proposed the production and installation of a large-scale banner to cover the school’s scaffolding. The banner was designed by the client to be visually captivating and uplifting, turning the renovation site into a piece of art.

Production and Installation

We selected high-quality, durable materials to ensure the banner could withstand various weather conditions, while maintaining its vibrant appearance. The 100sqm banner was produced with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the design was flawlessly rendered.

The banner was expertly installed over the school’s scaffolding transforming the construction site into a visually appealing landmark.


This project exemplifies Moss’s dedication to transforming spaces through creative solutions. By partnering with Stonewest Ltd and Surbiton High School, we were able to turn a necessary building renovation into an opportunity for artistic expression and community engagement. We look forward to future projects that continue to inspire and uplift through innovative design.

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