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As part of London’s 12th annual Sculpture in the City project, we teamed up with Mtec and internationally acclaimed artist Arturo Herrera to play a part in bringing a stunning mural to life in Aldgate!

The project named ‘Untitled, 2020’ blends an array of colours using high quality UV inks, all meticulously sampled within our on-site studio to find the perfect shades. Our team printed the nine-metre by 21-metre mural onto self-adhesive vinyl using the Durst 512R printer with the artwork’s extraordinary colours designed to remain throughout the nine months it will be on show.

Installation represented one of the biggest challenges, as four installers worked across two days erecting the 190m2 mural, with a cherry picker mounted to the back of a lorry ensuring the artwork was accurately placed.

Group Account Director, Mike Hamling, said; “We’re delighted with how this latest mural has been received. The richness of the colours was paramount to this artwork’s success as well as the accuracy of the installation on what is a challenging site. Our team worked extremely hard to help make this a reality, and we’re very proud of the result.

“Bringing vibrant artwork into the heart of London as part of the latest launch for the long-running Sculpture in the City is a thrill for us.”

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