‘Icons of British Fashion’ showcase at Blenheim Palace



We had the privilege of working on the ‘Icons of British Fashion’ event hosted at the majestic Blenheim Palace! A celebration showcasing British fashion and its elegance all under one historic roof – featuring Vivienne Westwood, Barbour and Terry DeHavilland in the rooms of this 300-year-old palace.

Sustainability stood at the heart of our project, ensuring everything was either reusable or recyclable. Facing the unique challenge of working amidst priceless artefacts, in one of England’s 10 treasure houses, we managed to bring their creative vision to life without leaving a mark, a practice we’ve perfected over our years of collaboration with Blenheim.

From rebranded exterior totem signs to window banners, printed carpets, and catwalk podium graphics for Vivienne Westwood, we made it happen, and all sustainably crafted! Our secret? The revolutionary swal fabric system for an ephemeral yet unforgettable impact, transforming temporary walls all in the service of fashion and sustainability.

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‘The Lake Dredge’ Hoarding at Blenheim Palace


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